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Hi, I've got both a Falcon Menace 10x44 and the Viper 10x42, the difference is the reticle, the Falcon has considerable lines and half lines, but is in metric. This is close to the mildot arrangement, but not exact, but as I use it on my hunting rig (HW100KT) and only shoot out to 35 yards.

The HFT set up has the Viper and I set up a zero about 32/33 yards, this gives me 30 yards just above the line and 35 just below, further, it gives 40 at the bottom of the line down (half mil) and 45 at the first line across.

I know that you have now purchased the Hawk and congratulate you on getting a good deal and hope that you can settle into it. Please remember that the Hawks are more parallax sensitive to obtain consistant precision placement, by that I mean getting your head in exactly the same place, as movement by a fraction will alter the POI.

Enjoy your shooting. By the way, the next National shoot is on Sunday at Cambridge if you wish to see other setups and view scopes; most of the participants are usually happy for people to look through their scopes if you ask nicely.

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