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With only 3 weeks to go its been a busy day today. Weather nice but a wood buring sessions needed to clear all the dead/fallen branches that have dropped over the Summer (I think we had one ).

Completed about 3/4 of the course with what we think is a good mixture. Had to reign in some of the proposed target positions by the members. They looked close to maximum visually but said tape measure told a different story. Example being one target visually about 50yds but when you are still over 10yds short and the tape measure is at 170ft I think it might be a bit far.

Trying to mix up the layout so there is variety of wind direct and elevation and the course weaves its way around our little copse. All the gate locations we are trying to ensure they are as level as possible. Aiming to have a course that is challenging for all grades.

Will be setting the zero check boards out at 25, 35,45,50 and 55yds.
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