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Default Check your zero before hunting!

After having a bit of a crisis of confidence with the dommie at SiHFT yesterday (4 or 5 pegs from the end it stopped spitting pellets out despite having 150bar left) I had Nick sanity check it and the pellets were flopping off of a 12 yard target with barely a dink and I had to double check they had even exited the barrel.

I decided to take a DNF due to this and struggling with a prolapsed disc. I got home and chronod the rifle which had slipped down to just over 10ftlbs but still not explaining the wheels falling off.

I'll put this down to the 'Mile Oak' Bermuda Triangle effect as my MK4 died there despite having a full charge and having worked fine previously... next time I am taking aback up rifle in case the curse of the Spongetastic one hits me again!

I gave the whole rig a clean, re-chronod it and dialled it back to 11.5ftlbs put a full 200 bar fill through with 20 weighed pellets giving a 4 fps spread and from there down to 110bar or so with pellets straight out of the tin and the spread was within 0.5ftlbs.

Zeroed at 35

...and then decided to do some hunting when the obligatory fly landed on my test card!

Shooting flys is just so much more satisfying than punching paper and my dommie is now 'blooded'

before the wind picked up I managed to put a 20 shot group well within a 5p so confidence restored, roll on Horsham (provided the missus doesn't drag me off to the Edenbridge and Oxted show)
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