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Originally Posted by Burris View Post
Thank you very much sir! If I want to indulge in HFT in my area, I'll have to start my own group. I have a dear friend who has 20 acres of property, but likes to have things his own way. If it wasn't his idea, it's no go! Too bad really, but some people never get over themselves. Oh well! I have another friend with just as much property, and a less selfish attitude, who wants to have fun shooting air guns. I think I have him convinced about HFT. He is a peach of a guy, and plays well with others. Once we get it up and running, I am going to invite my old friend to join us, but I'm sure he will decline. If he isn't center stage, he is not happy! I still value our friendship, but his selfish attitude gets old. Oh well. It takes all kinds. Thanks for the offer of advice on HFT! You'll probably regret it. Wish me luck! Bill
Good luck Bill, you've got a good load of blokes on here to help you out.

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