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Originally Posted by rubi-tong View Post
I bought a tin of these as my usual JSB's were giving flyers every now and again. I like them lots, I have a pre-anti-tamper EV2 mk2 and adjusted the power to give 11.6ftlb with these at a wopping 850ft/sec, I shot these at the last NEFTA Hunter at Hull, and it was pretty breezy there and came out with my PB of 55ex60. Impressed, I weighed them and out of the 120 i weighed they were all 7.3/7.4 grn with no deviation from these figures, impressed again. They take less wind (for me) at 55yds than the exacts did, I think this is down to the velocity of the pellets but they are below the legal limit so all is good, Just bought my second tin im that impressed. Im shooting them at the UKAHFT at Anston next weekend so fingers crossed.
I'd be really wary of being over with other types of pellet running the lightweights at that speed and power. A standard JSB Exact is very likely to be over 12
As far as the weight consistency goes, sounds just the same as the early batches of Webley Mosquitos. These were so consistent that I gave up on any notion of weighing/batching them. It simply wasn't worth the time and effort. However, now that the dies are older the consistency is nowhere near what it was. Hopefully the Falcons won't go the same way too soon.
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