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Originally Posted by Ratinator View Post

I practise my stander's on a 55yd duck I also shoot the pigeon at 40yds with 25mm reset,it's head easy the 25mm pure luck.
you have the most available time to practise[if it's raining i'm at my pc,if not i'm shooting]and by practise i mean
Once you have confirmed you can hit them you suggest on the forum that everyone should try them.
I also think it's wrong for you to keep barking on about gp's for AA,
I will strive to acheive AA status and i will be awarded that with my average,meaning i've earned it.
We need to encourage new people to the GP's,if that mean's that you worry about missing one easy target and being out of it well[such is life].
If the sport is only for you and your AA chum's

I dont see the point in practising anything your not going to come across in a Gp, or most other ft shoots. I only practise standers out to 40m, but i also practise them at all ranges. No point in being able to hit a ducks head at 55 y when you miss a 40 or 45ml kill at 35y?

A standing 25ml at 40 yard is not pure luck, but is harder than 22y. Thats why I stated 25ml kills could be shot standing, but only to the shorter range.

I practise on average once a week Simon. By Practise, i mean practise. Shooting our practise course, targets at different ranges etc, lane by lane. I either shoot the course in Ft mode, i.e 1 shot per tasrget move on, or i do three in a row. Three consecative hits on a taget before moving on.
When i am pellet testing, its not practise. Known range, same aim point (black dot in ccentre of 40ml kill).
As our practise course has been in since before the Gp, that means i have not actually "practised" since June

i actually keep records of all my courses simon, i then take the scores from a shoot and i do a detailed record of who hit what. so, i usually have a good idea of what makes a hard target for the various Grades.
That has allowed me to build fairly well balanced courses given know weather conditions.
Its interesting you thaught the steep 8y 15 ml at tondu Gp was lottery. From memory I think it was hit quite alot. Now for me, put a 15 ml up a tree @ 20+ Yards and the slightest breeze sees it as a lottery.
I would put money on more people for example missed 15 ml kills at Gp 9 than tondu?
However, i take on baord what your saying. I do however think its just lack of experience with such angle for yourself perhaps? Take note, steep angles are the norm in the rest of the world it seems, mini kills as well as full kills.
Well, when i started gp shooting in 2006 thats what i was told. GP are for the best of the Best. I wanted to shoot with these Topr shooters and see how i compared on a gp course. I was prepared to score low, as it showed my then poor shooting. I learnt from those shoots, went away and put all the pieces together. It seems to me now that anyone can buy a good Ft gun, big nikko turn up aim down the throat and hit 35 - 40 if not 40+. Thats not good shooting, thats being able to hold a cross hair in a circle and fluke the odd stander! Regions that have summer leagues it seems to me dont have as many A or lower grade shooter travelling to Gp and why should they spend all that money when they can shoot locally for fasr less. Perhaps thats part of the problem? A region that has no summer shoots has shooters seeing the Gp series as their regional shoots? The future of the sport is local. Local shoots at local clubs. There are very few new shooters that will come into Ft and then travel all over the country from the off. Regional comps need to get them hooked first before tempting them to part with a further large dollop of cash to shoot in the far flung corners.
I still say your only ever going to improve by shooting harder courses. This years series saw too many wooded shoots where the wind struggled to cut its way through the trees.
At leastin Norway where we had no or very little wind, the Standers, kneeler and certainly on the last day long full and mini kills (40+yards) made it a tough course, despite the lack of wind. That was a tough course.
We will see what comes of the BFTA Agm. Remeber when no one wanted 15 ml kolls but now most seem to hit them so not all change is bad, once your used to it?
BFTA Grading Q's to;
sorry wont answer Bfta q's on forums, Cant keep track of replies etc!
BFTA updates on

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