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Originally Posted by Ratinator View Post
I am thinking of myself, as i find a 40 yard and 19 yard stander lane, GP after Gp boaring!
And of course I presumed for the likes of simon that a 40 yard standing shot is a lottery shot, so I am confused as to why he dont seem to mind them, as apposed to a 25ml kill at "up to" 20m??

When i first started FT i used to come to the standing lane expecting to miss,my mind set now is i can get this.
I practise my stander's on a 55yd duck at the harriers,it's head is relativly easy to knock off but to reset the 40mm kill a lot harder.
I also shoot the pigeon at 40yds with 25mm reset,it's head easy the 25mm pure luck.
I beleive that you are good for the sport Mr evans i even like your humour,but it seem's to me that you have the most available time to practise[if it's raining i'm at my pc,if not i'm shooting]and by practise i mean
shooting difficult target's to see if you can do them.
Once you have confirmed you can hit them you suggest on the forum that everyone should try them.
Example the only stupid shot at tondu 8 yd 15mm kill at steep angle down hill[lottery]but not with practise.
I also think it's wrong for you to keep barking on about gp's for AA,do you think there will be a GP event for you to shoot when only 50 AA shooter's are in attendance
That would put your shoot down to about 25pence a head.
I will strive to acheive AA status and i will be awarded that with my average,meaning i've earned it.
But rest assured when i get there,i will still stand the corner of the future of the sport not the ellit that are already there.
We need to encourage new people to the GP's,if that mean's that you worry about missing one easy target and being out of it well[such is life].
If the sport is only for you and your AA chum's to enjoy then i'm going fishing,with a walther has bait.
None of this ment to offend just telling it how i see it.
You forgot to mention your shooting coach Si. LOL
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