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Originally Posted by neilL View Post
It may be a tad unstable if the targets are elevated or downhill?? I experimented a bit using a single point sling on a jacket hook which lets you push against the sling/handstop (triangle again - sling-handstop-butt-braced across the back against the jacket canvas as in 25m prone) and it was great for targets within a reasonable height but when high up the sling was almost worse. Love to see your offset work and whether you will have to keep shifting your sitting position to aim?

Hi Niel,thanks for your observations .I think slings are old hat .If you think about it any thing that moves is is a bad thing ,you have more than enough movement in the body without slings on jacket hooks fitted to a gimp jackets ,bean bags under the forend etc which will all move. You are just not going to get repeatabilty,I think that everything on the gun has to solid. With regard to keep shifting positions in the sitting position, initial thoughts are that your body will be more square on to the target so it should minimise the amount of shifting required. However we will no doubt be better to further comment on this when we do the field trials.
Regards Gerard.
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