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Hi all

Just like to say thanks to everyone involved in making this happen.

I can honestly say I enjoyed the concept and even though my scores were low on all occasions. Especially today when I had about 10 zero's purely because I went for every kill zone and not 'centre of mass' it didn't stop me enjoying it!!

Where others were saying 'wot no peg' that didn't phase me, the option of any stance and the 1 minute rule. It felt more natural shooting experience. Having said that I will still be doing HFT with the pegs as that is also has it's merits, like doing those 'thinking mans' shooting away off the peg.

I was determined to stick with my Air Arms Firepower for the 3 rounds, which I did and came 5th overall in my class, that is most probably as the ones below me only done 1 or 2 .

I really do hope that more people will get on board and give it a go in the next season.

Kind regards
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When I do it will probably be about camo

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