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Default Blaina Gwent Summer shoot 2012

Blaina Gwent held the final summer series wafta shoot today.

entry was again low which is something of a shame and something that needs a solution!
wind was its usually tricky self at Blaina, propper Ft ground where aiming at the kill is the exception! Had anything from 1/4 inch off kill to 2 & half kills of wind.

Overall Series results area bit of a mystery, but I believe Jack has wone the summer series?


c class

Mike White 19
Phil Parr 14
D.Allibone 12

Top shooting FromTondus New worker. Mike started well but struggled about half way along as the wind picked up

B Grade
(Can inclusde World Podium shooters in wafta lol)

1 Simon "My last B grade shoot till Summer" Evans 28
2 John "Crikey" Johnson 27
3 Luke Davies 23
4 Rob Hathaway 23
5 Derk "SFT" bendon 22
6 D.Cooper 18
7 Vince "Home turf no advantage" Bowen 15
8 Lez "should have baught a Walther"Davies 14

I was only there to keep Arms dealer company while testing his scope. Think i dropped 4 out of first 20 ish but then practised taking 25 ml kills standing and full kills out to 50y kneeling.
JJ has had his sawn off back from service and did much better today

A class

1 Gwyne Robinson 31
2 John (Top result) Kociumbas 31
3 Gareth James 29
3 Martin Jones 28
4 Steve Chubb 28
5 Tom Gould 27
6 Dean Jukes 26
7 Nigel Hayman 26
8 Craig Morgan 26
9 Russel Summers 18
10 Steve James 16

Gwynne shot well but result of the day for me is Mr.K, top shooting in some tricky wind

AA Class

1 Bertty Bassett 33
2 Jack Harris 33
3 Doz 32
4 Peter Jacob 32
5 Jason Harris 29
6 Chris Keyworth 28
7 Mark shepard 27

Berty was last through, not sure if he actually has a shoot off with Jack as we had gone but a good result.
Arms dealer had some early click settings otherwise would have put in a 36 with ease. Ease apart from standers. His missing the 10 yard stander, twice and the missing the plate on the 44 y stander had me in tears.

pics after X factor!
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