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Originally Posted by ellis d View Post
With your obsession to bring in reducers on disapline lanes, you are only thinking about yourself and AA shooters, dont forget the other grades simon, i still say the gp courses were better 3 years ago, long shot and easy shot, or long shot and medium shot, all these mincy little reducers are tediuos and very rarely did i miss them, but wot do i know
Just looking to spice up the standers / kneelers and make the course a little different.
I am thinking of myself, as i find a 40 yard and 19 yard stander lane, GP after Gp boaring!
And of course I presumed for the likes of simon that a 40 yard standing shot is a lottery shot, so I am confused as to why he dont seem to mind them, as apposed to a 25ml kill at "up to" 20m??

Originally Posted by Ratinator View Post
Bang on Mr fisher
This sport is for all to enjoy not just the big boy's.
The big boy's understand the importance of this,that's why young dillon and cloe are getting supported.
We need to come up with a formular that involve's everyone,not just the people that can hit the lottery shot's.
The mini kill's have not really separated the big boy's,just driven the new blood away.
Just my opinion,which we know count's for bugger all.
All to enjoy?
What is your defination of enjoyment in ft?
Easy courses where you hit 40+? Its not mine?
Miss one or two targets and you have wasted lot of money travelling to the shot as your not going to pull them back and thus a poor points total will result.

Not really making you a better shot though either when you dont have to think about the Target?
I came up through the ranks (after hiiting 19 in my first gp in 2006) over the last few years by shooting hard courses and I really dont remember too many one long one / short one lanes Gp. They all seemed long? I am sure when I came runner up in A class the other year i did not actually hit 40+ that many times?

As for minin kills, no, not many are missed in the sitting position by AA.
So lets give as some regions / clubs do, them a try Standing and Kneeling.
I am sure when you try them you will be surprised that at the stated distances, they are not actually that hard

Originally Posted by holly View Post
The Forulae that barry longbottom preached was spot on . one shot per lane that most would get and one hard one per lane . it works in the winter league and it worked in the GPs . the last GP at Far coley . had it right . not easy but enjoyable . it is to easy for a few dedicated FT shots on a forum to talk up making it harder , mainly because it helps in the worlds . well most of us do not go to the worlds . so DOWN WITH 15 MIL KILLS ??? HOLLY
PS and Kinckers .

Easy course for Regional yes, i have alsways said so. but Gp are supposed to be National standard.
The scores on the whole this year were too high as most of the courses did not have enough hard targets.
Its a joke when a 45 gets you nowhere in a gp!!
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