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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
shock horror , tried a walther today and was very surprised, so much so i want one??

Thin is it was one of the new Springy things they are making. Very nice to shoot, little recoil and what there was seemed very smooth, Reminded me of a Gas ram. Pellet on pellet out to 37m!
Took out 25ml kills at 20 m & 30 m no probs
Still, 450 for a springer seemed a tad much?

so, went back pellet testing.

New Die 8 gave some interesting results.

In Priest, out of the tin they were superb, pelet on pellet. I amost did a Don at 45m. They were just as good sized but If I pick some more up I wuld use straight from the Tin.

Tried them in Rev and complete oppasit.

Firstly, out of tin at 50 my, 5 shots only 2 in Kill. Other flying anywhere. Results so bad infact, i tried die 36 to check the barrel was clean. It was.
tried Die 8 again from tin and yet, real shotgun.
so, sized to 4.50 and results were flatter but wind was taking them far more than it should?

So, Die 8 for Priest only

Did some more 25ml kill testing at 20 & 30 m, today though the Gimp was back. Did not miss a stander at 20m and only missed at 30 m when snatching the cluncky trigger / not concentraiting.

Kneelers were how do you miss, so personally I can see no reason why any one shooting at Gp level should be afraid of a little change?
With your obsession to bring in reducers on disapline lanes, you are only thinking about yourself and AA shooters, dont forget the other grades simon, i still say the gp courses were better 3 years ago, long shot and easy shot, or long shot and medium shot, all these mincy little reducers are tediuos and very rarely did i miss them, but wot do i know
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