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Originally Posted by Conor View Post
That's the problem Paul, with the event getting as bug and popular now, a country dropping out only 12 months before scheduled to host it is clearly not good enough notice to the country coming behind. You should know 24 or preferably 36 months beforehand if you are able to host it, if not join the bottom if the list!
It takes a lot of planning, organisation and foresight to run a worlds of the standard and expectations of everyone involved.
Jumping ship at the last minute so to speak just adds to the pressure of the country coming behind and increases risk of the event not achieving its potential!
England for example are planning already and will probably be attempting to cater for 450 odd participants, now that would be a spectacle to behold, but it won't happen overnight!
Spot on that mate, hopefully the WFTF will address the problem.. before it becomes one again. After the last big drop out.. NZ made what i think was a wise decision to postpone, to give themselves time to prepare and also potential participants time to save the funds and plan for what could be an expensive and lengthy trip. Norway did well to put on such an event at short notice, but i bet Andy would have welcomed another 12 months warning.
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