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Originally Posted by Kingplinker View Post
So fairly windy then Brian

We all know defiants suffered past 35 yards but these falcon pellets are tiny in comparison , I wonder if they will take as much wind even though they are lightweight pellets due to the 'dumpy size ' ?


Hiya Dave

Yeah, I had the same idea. The trouble with the waisted diablo style pellets we use is that there seems to be very little real research into the ballistics of them. We tend to rely heavily on the normal external ballistics calculations and I just don't trust the magic "BC" figure. It seems to give a reasonable approximation in terms of trajectory, but I believe it's waaaay off when it comes to calculating windage.

For example, according to normal external ballistics calculations for windage (Chairgun) - the Falcons should take approximately 3mm of extra wind in the conditions I shot in today. But, I believe that there are additional factors that dictate how well a pellet will perform in wind.

So when it comes to testing how well a pellet will perform in the wind, we have little option other than highly subjective tests in the real world.

I thought it was worth a punt to try them out today for a bit of fun because given all the variables I couldn't be sure unless I'd actually tried them in anger.

Give them a try - you might come to a different conclusion.
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