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Default Surprise .

Originally Posted by ellis d View Post
Theres a first time for every thing! Hows your new nikko
surprisingly good , is the answer . the optics are not lupe but they are very good for what is a budget scope nowadays . i don't fear dark targets , the ones i don't like are the ones high up against a bright background . we have a target 50 foot up a tree on the edge of the field , it has a large board behind it . so bright back ground dark target , made worse by the bright sun . when i got the scope i went on down the course to this target and tried it at miday . the scope defined the pellets marks on it and ranged it at 55 yards three times straight . if it were lighter i would put it on my shutz . now for less than four hundred quid secondhand i reckon that is a bargain ??? HOLLY
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