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Default reduced standers

Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Wednesday is now Club day at tondu, least i hope to build it up to be so.

Yesterdays planned practise test new die day got off to not the best planned start, in that i forgot the pellets to test and my gimp coat!

As such, just had a bit of paper punching to see what it was like with out the Gimp coat.
Quite strange at first but after about 20 or so pellets the groups started to form.
Nothing like a Don group, but sub 25 ml at 50m.

I think if were to shoot in what i will call Connor mode, the but hook would have to be re-positioned as it was digging in my shoulder!
However, with my Green hoody and Non Cursed Irish Ft hat, I did puut in some tight groups as the day progressed, especially in the short lull in wind speed.

Then decided i would try kneeling and standing with out a gimp coat.

Full size kill at 35m (38y) kneeling no problems.
25 ml kil, at 25 m (27y) again no problem.

Cant say the same for standing though.

I got onto the full size and hit it 50/50 ish, but the 25 was no hopper!

I then moved the 25 ml out to 35m and went back kneeling.
As long as I got the dodgy trigger technique (got a new block coming for Priest so hopefully will be able to sort that this winter) correct hitting the 25ml at 35m was no problem.

given World Core rules allow positions (25ml0 out to i think 20m, I think its something the bfta nees to look at introducing.

Q proposal for Novemeber
25 ml standers out to 20m, min 0 target - max 2 targets per course

25 ml kneeler out to 30m, 0 min - 2 max targets

or simular.

note to self, take coat saturday
So u want to have reduced kill standers.......lottery shots, 50 ml kill zones at 15 yards thats the way
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