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Just gave them a trial at Sywell GP today - it was VERY Windy!!! but what better place to test a new pellet.

Shot through a Styer LG100 barley twist barrel at 831 fps - I normally shoot JSB Exacts at 770, 830 is what the Falcon's were doing without adjusting the power on my Styer.

Initial range testing on Saturday gave very good results - in a light wind they group as well as JSB Exacts and because of the higher velocity were coming in about half a mildot higher on my 55 yard zero.

Testing on the zero range at the GP seemed to be good, again getting thumbnail sized groups of 5 pellets at 55 yards.

Onto the course - the wind today was vicious! Aiming off plate for quite alot of the targets.

Disaster - I put in the lowest score I've ever put in in SFT by a long way. To be fair, so did alot of shooters on the day, but from this shoot my conclusion was that they're excellent in calm conditions, but as soon as the wind starts to blow, they become unpredictable and seem to take more wind than regular JSB Exacts.
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