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Default Off set grips.

Originally Posted by dusty57 View Post
spotted a few about so thought i would ask
what is the thinking behind the idea,does thetrigger need to be offset by the same amount and if so does this cause any problems with trigger adjustment ie by adding weight to the blade and or a slight twisting effect to the pins/bearring surfaces in the trigger
The following comments are based on Steyr FT guns only, as they are the only gun we have experience of.

1. The thinking behind this is the Catamaran principle you are trying to minimise the amount of rotational movement between the forend and the grip.
2. Next year we would expect to see a further developement of this being the Trimaran principle ,this will have an off set forend to the left on a right handed gun. This should hopefully further decrease the amount of rotation and further increase the amount of general stability.
3. The trigger does have to be off set but not necessarily by the same amount as the grip . This depends on finger length and trigger technique.
4. We have not encountered any problems with regard trigger adjustment etc, etc, in the 4 years we have been useing this configuration.
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