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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Is the Zebedee fixed Paul?
Yes, sort of, in a roundabout way...
The Nickel one i shot at Far coley was a trigger sear/piston rod issue... the piston and comp tube are from an older gun with the early 25mm diameter piston seal, there must have been some scoring on the rod where it makes contact with the main sear and it was causing the trigger to function as normal but the sear didn't release the piston due to the rough surface contact. Some muppet failed to spot the damage when he assembled the gun...
All sorted now.
The one i took to Norway.. I narrowed it down to the internals of the gun.. scope/mounts/pellets/stock/ME.. all worked when fitted to other guns so it has to be with the gubbins in the gun. I swapped them for some brand new parts that were in the Nickel one from new and it was faultless again.
So i've put the old bits back in it and i plan to try another breech seal first to see if that was the problem and then the piston seal if not, failing that i'll bin them and chuck the new 26mm bits in it...
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