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Whato H

If you want any advice from an old bloke (Alex's old man) here goes

Think they are great straight out of the box, you could drop a building on one and it would still work, probably not worth trying though.
Pellet choice is important, they are good on the JSB's or there is the Wiehrach own brand think they may be H&N
Get some good oil on the stock, oil it regularly until it feels right then a good wax.
As the boys says you can take the O ring out of the band to float it
May be worth looking for an different stock for HFT and keep the original as this will help if you ever want to part with it, Richard Blackshire has a fancy stock on his, he sometimes shoots at Cambridge,its been in the mags.
The Wiehrach single shot adapters are good, no problem with the secondhand as they are solid, Park Street guns did have a couple a while ago.
If you are going to put a sling on it buy the stud that replaces the front stock screw, lots of places do them BAR etc., also can be used with Harris type bi-pod
The rail from Dave Welham is a good idea.
When the barrel comes loose don't panic, they usually do, its a 2 min fix, ring the boy and he will explain.

Good choice H


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