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Originally Posted by DaveyNZ View Post
Most of the ones in NZ are... by flat I mean they are straight... not necessary flat ie they might be straight but angled downwards.

I think the main issue it is trying to address is the lateral not longitudinal profile anyway?? That was my understanding of the spirit it was written in.
It was a misinterpretation of BFTA rules which said that any surface the gun rests against must be flat and free from any lateral support. The point of the BFTA rule was to stop shaped knee rests. I believe the EFTA informed the WFTF of this before the rules were released but it wasn't amended.

There is no definition of a hampster, and no specification on what tolerance of flat there should be, what area etc... if you want to be pedantic, an stock with a hole in the bottom isn't flat... or angled as Davey points out. Water sits on a flat surface, if it's angled it runs off.

In my personal opinion it's badly worded and needs looking at. Quite why there seemed to be little traffic about this point when the rules were released I don't know. Perhaps everyone was excited about Norway...

Give your reps a bash on the noggin to raise it before Germany. Personally I think there needs to be some sense applied to stock attachments, and the paraphernalia being worn/carried around... but that's me. What I don't think anyone wants to see is the WFTF being shot with stirrups to the waist for standers, straps that allow rifles to be let go of but still remain on target, and battery powered video camera stabilisation systems... they aren't banned in the rules (well some are), but I've seen them used... (not in the UK).

To add a little history, chest pegs (similar to what the chaps use on the pics) were a thing found in 10m where they were allowed because they replaced the touch that a wooden stock made on the chest which was lost when alu stocks came into being. FWIW i don't remember seeing any being used in 10m, but they're sold all the same. I assume the longer ones we see are an adapt.
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