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Default Does powder puff work in the rain?

This is what we are here for

Jack`s supersoaker shows the intesity of the rain we had early on, enough to knock me out of my stride lol

More of you later

Think Robs old trousers make a great ants nest?

I`m in the money

The look of horror on Dans face says it all.

no, not cause he had to pay Kilty 500 for Norway,

but look how many Chins he got

always learn from the best

Here is Ian showing us how to take standers

and kneelers

and Shaking

The look of a shooter not wanting to be photographed, especially if shooting wrong targets!
or falling through fences!

What can you see down that tube Rob

Ah, just two targets, as it should be

sorry, but i just dont think pic and mix target lanes are right especially in a 1 minute contest.

Did someone mention pik n mix???

Johno, can you make us a standing stabilastion knob thingy for my legs and arms

I think Arms dealer would buy one, two even!

Cursed Hat.
1 ex 10 standers and only since that hat arrived in the post

I cant wait Till I can show Josh how to shoot Ft

Uncle Simon, Uncle simon help

Have you another Walther then, you know you were telling me about the one
that your spot on standers with

A little Mc and a Big Mac?

At least its the right target you have aimed at

if not the right spot

Its not clear who will win the shoot off

splitter Calps

or Not so good a splitter Matt

Calps spiltter is 12, with about 15% of pellet hitting kill.

Matt, must go back and read his how to hit standers post on STB!

So what do you think of the trigger over the line rule Rob

Its Bang on

Now if only I could find someone to scratch my belly,
I would gladly moult some hair for them in exchange

A fair Swap

Powder puffs wind chart?

The final, both missed the long stander on their start lane

Plate was tight until the standers too

I cant say I have ever seen the Terminator look so unsure of his shooting before

I thaught this may be the one to catch him out??

I mean, who, in windless conditions would put money on El capitano missing a 25ml kill at under 30m?

Not money, but may have sold his soul for it!

so with El capitano missing the 25ml,
it all came down to the last lane

And you could see what it meant

One to keep

BFTA Grading Q's to;
sorry wont answer Bfta q's on forums, Cant keep track of replies etc!
BFTA updates on

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