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It's really good fun. No matter how good or bad I do in them, I still want more. It's a surprise to most who do it for the first time just how fast they can shoot a course and how high they can raise their game, even when they are held in CSFTA and SWEFTA there are still novice C grade shooters who manage it and enjoy the challenge... and I find the reduced time is really good for realising just how much faff and junk you carry in your normal 2 mins shooting routine. There's no time to be nervous, just get on with it. It's almost as much about what you don't do as what you do... as making a mistake is so costly sometimes.

This year it seemed to me that the field was the toughest i could recollect. The standard of shooting in FT in the UK is so high now, and i think there's more to come. Good grief you need to bring your top game to every shoot these days.

I was pleased with the March again. Never came off 60x for rangefinding and sitting shots. One target was very dark around 5:15pm on blue, but a shine on the mounting bracket threads had me picking it out to a firm range, even though the string was almost impossible to define. It really is a range snap & shoot scope that comes into it's own when doubt needs to be gone or when time is short.

I worked out that yesterday, apart from the untimed shoot off I had with Chris, I'd sent 124 shots down the range in under 60 minutes!
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