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I am a French FT shooter and creator of the first French forum entirely dedicated to FT and HFT.


I would like to give you some answers to your questions.

We are a group of friends who had decided they’re 3 years ago to introduce the target field in France.

So we created an association for the promotion of this sport: AFFT.
We decided that the French ft/hft shooting rules should be completely identical to English rules and this is still the case today.
We therefore use weapons of 16 joules in both FT and HFT.

The problem is that the French power limit for holding freely a weapon is 10j, for more power than 10j ,you must have a shooting or hunting licence .

It is not an institution of the French government that issues shooting licenses but to the French shooting Federation as known as FFTir which is completely autonomous. (like fifa or )

To obtain this license for one year, you must join the FFTir.
Unfortunately, the target field is not an Olympic sport neither ISSF they're not recognized by the FFTir.

The solution for us:
Join the FFTir for another shooting discipline and so have license to buy a rifle .

Or have a hunting license.

For foreigners
they must have an EFP
Or have a hunting license and be invited by one of French hunting associations

Either be invited by the FFTir for an official competition (which is not possible for the FT because this discipline is not recognized in France by the famous FFTir).

No local or governmental waiver can be issued until the FFTir does not recognize this discipline, it is mandatory to have an EFP or to use a gun of less than 10 joules.

The law is being changed but nobody ( political ) defends our project

so ......

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