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Default The supersoker showdown

4am start and on the road for 5.15 and that after yesterdays wedding!

Mr.Calpin was first round draw in the showdown. By the time we started our session it was raining and at times quite hard.

now i dont do rain, which seemed to surprise some as I reside in wales. but being self employed when its wet i work at my Pc, when its dry i go shooting!
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Started ok, another how do you miss course with no wind and straight down the thraot shooting on the Red course.
a few lanes in and wet arse and bag (which again was too low as its leaking beans like the titanic) saw a lapse in concentration which equaled a wibble on an easy 40 m full kill.
Somewhat annoyed and becoming more peed off with the rain, i knew the miss would probably see me out at rd 1 as there was Nothing on the course worthy of a challenge. Well apart from the standers.

Calps hit the short stander and then missed the long (33m) one. I did likewise, bugger.
My arm was not too good with not a gret deal of strength, the Tennis elbow somehow being up today.
I then had a spaz moment (not helped by still getting wet) and decided to experiment with my usually rock steady kneelers by turning my hand.

so three crap shots and off to plate.

Dave Schoefield is awaiting. 2nd lane is Standers.
By now its a little dryer but the damage is done. On the standers I cant get near the shorter kill (30 ish) and when it came to the 40m stander i was lucky to hit plate.
Dave started well but lowered himeself to my standard and at one point i was 2 - 3 up.
Switched off however, I aimed straight at the longest target on Yellow course, the hedghog (49m) and saw the pellt strike 9. if i had gone inside 3 as i was doing from lane 1 upwards it would have gone down.

shoot offs. We finished on a 47m + 35 m lane, so took them standing. The long one i was just pleased to hit plate on, if it had gone down it would have been fluke.
The shorter one again i was liucky to hit plate, stiking about an inch off kill. The arm was so weak today
( 1 ex 6 standers) i was somewhat bemused by it.
but after dave had missed the long one and sunk the short one a cheesburger gave inspiration to the answer.
12 hours and a 1000+ photos yesterday in a wedding with a fairly heavy camera and lens had obviously aggrivated the tennis elbow.

is it too late to ask to take my standers in disabled pose?
bugger, will ge ones self off to Dr. Hacksaw this week.

Red and yellow course were too windless to enjoy once again today, standers and kneelers seemed to be where most was wone and lost? Not a showdown i will look back on with any particualr enjoyment.

On the plus side the no 1 luep range found superbly, and with a rough estimate of how far the windless targets were away i watched most of the 4.50 sized d40 fly straight as an arrow into the kills on the sitters, so at least the Priest was on form and likes these pellets.
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