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How did you get on today Charlie? Despite what people have said, I think nothing beats checking on paper as you can then see exactly where you have hit.
I draw a thick pen cross (or grid of crosses) on card and shoot at that at a measured distance, with the scope set at the 25y parallax, so though it's blurred, you know exactly where you are aiming and can see the result.
You can do this in the house/garden without needing a range at these distances.

You also need to be able to recognise or measure the differences between 8/9/10/13/15 yards on the ground at an event to know where to aim! This is often the hardest part. The lower your scope mounts are the more the trajectory is flattened out at short ranges, minimising the variation of aimpoint for the above, but then you lose out a bit at the longer distances (why the FT guys have higher mounts).

Probably a bit soul-destroying watching Steve clear the course too!
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