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Default No thigh rest next year

Hi all,

Regarding thigh rests; When I contacted Johann (past WFTF president) prior to Norway about the thigh rest on my gun, he told me that it was OK this year but if the new rules were accepted as is that it probably would be illegal next year, as would the curved hamster I have.

I took the thigh thing off my gun the last time out and the main difference was during range finding. It helps hold the gun steady while the right hand operates the focus wheel. I found I shot the same with or without it.

In the U.S. almost all the Steyrs have curved hamsters because that's the way Alan Zasadny (main Steyr tuner) makes them. I presently have a flat hamster in the works.

On another note, its a good thing I wasn't drinking when this post came up, I would have spit juice all over my computor! What a surprise to see my mug on the Breeze!

Good Shooting to all

Greg S
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