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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Can you find out what "clean" entales.

ie, I take it the odd speeding fine dont count.
If speeding were an over riding factor I wouldn't have got my Lic. I think its the Offences rather than infringements that flag a potential to offend generally.

Convictions for GBH, fraud, assault with a weapon, threatening to kill etc etc......might see someone sitting NZ out.

Half a dozen or thereabouts speeding tickets over a lifetime of good character won't cause you grief.

If you can get a visa to visit here, you should be able to get a Visitor Lic for a PCP Air Rifle, especially if it is for an organised competition......which you will have a formal invititation to attend.

Back on Subject:

France. More the merrier I say. The only way FT is going to move to a more standardised format glabally is if ALL the participating Nations are involved and invested in it development. Isolate any part of the World that wants to play and you will get a breakaway form of FT that will just be in competition for shooters that would otherwise strengthen the sport glabally. All that is required is time and persistence to see FT head to where we all want it to be.
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