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"Contrary to the popular conception that insurance can't be obtained in Nz for instance this document explains about liability and advises it."

Rob it is for sporting events such as mountain biking and triathlons. Shooting is on the more than average risk list, which insurers here will not touch. Also the HSE act specifically prohibits insurers from covering breaches of that Act.

I have worked in the area of HSE and believe me the NZ Worlds entry forms will include indemnity waivers, mandatory travel insurance requirements for hazardous activities, we will have a robust risk management plan, and range officers controlling the operation will be experienced....... qualified range officers with many years experience in various shooting disciplines.

The document you linked is familiar to me, as are others on the SPARC website.

The NZ Police manage and control who attends here or not, via the visitors permit/Lic system. We have been informed by that responsible branch that PCP air rifles can attend even without holding a relevant Lic in your country, as long as certain conditions are met.

1) clean criminal record
2) bona fide member of a shooting organisation
3) has attended/completed a firearms safety course. (it can be a rudimentary one, not requiring actually obtaining a License for any person/rifle) Certificate copy will be required in the application.

Application online direct to NZ Police via internet 1 year in advance is available, for the visitors Lic, I recommend anyone in doubt of their criminal background get onto it early as it would be an issue for a visa to visit with rifle or without regardless. There will be no exceptions for anyone, this will be the system to attend, and should be no problem if a "fit and proper person" as our legislation requires.

Anyone here consider themselves or any others not "fit or proper"......I can think of a few already.

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