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Realise that this thread is about France.........

The difference in NZ is that it is the person, not the rifle that is the issue, and the person is Licensed. Visitors obtain a visitors license, and can bring whatever they like with them.....barring fully auto military weapons.

The up side for us is that our own Lic regimen now allows us to travel to other Countries and obtain relevant paperwork much easier. We could travel through and to France ourselves under our system.

It is only the UK that could not attend due to your own laws and regulations. Majority of the other members would be in a similar position to us, in that they could travel to France, Germany and other places with power limits requiring permits or licenses once paper work is done. EFP or non European documents, its still possible, but just not for UK shooters.

Its a UK problem, not a "rest oif the world" problem.

Hosting is still a voluntary requirement I believe not mandatory. If The problem still exists when France has its turn, lets hope they can win an exemption for the event, or defer to the next on the list, which I am sure would be a shame and disappointment for them. There would be a few years between now and then, hopefully some alignment between your two legal systems in this regard could be negotiated if heads can get together.........and pressure applied.
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