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Question Waste of time

So this is only IMO and not to **** on everyones strawberry's .............................but.................. .why are countries potentially being aloud to join the federation when it makes it difficult for other countries to gain access to compete due to the proposed countries own fire arms laws regarding transportation ?

Shouldn't this be a criteria of acceptance to the federation ? I think so !

I believe this is one of the semi down falls with NZ, fire arms laws requiring additional training ? or something i read some time ago ?

Beautiful country, trip of a life time etc and another part of the big FT adventure ..................... But if i'm going to drag the Haggis Cannon all the way to the other side of the world i want the least amount of hassle as possible ? and this goes for all countries ( the more the merrier for me ) but at least let's engage some common sense & make theses countries easy to enter at least.

And before all the down-under-brigade jump on this post it's not a pop at NZ, the thread is regarding France & their laws, i was just talking the big picture regarding hosting criteria.

I'm probably wrong again but hey ho !

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