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Originally Posted by poth View Post
well it seems combro have put there prices up folks to 49.99 so bar are asking a fair price pity we cant get them direct from china from the maker
The "maker" is Chronoscopes, who own the design rights. I assume they use chinese manufacturers to keep the prices down. If you were to get it from the chinese supplier, you'd get no back-up, no warranty support or repair - which, btw, is one of the best you can get from any manufacturer.

Robin Hewitt does a cracking job of providing a chrono that's both affordable and accurate. For the muppets who manage to shoot their CB625s, he repairs them at very little cost. When he had to change components on the board to keep prices down he worked with he shooters to ensure that quality and performance weren't affected.

If Robin decided to call it a day then we'd be left with Alpha Chronys and Skan: try getting one of those for 50!

Be careful for what you wish for, you may get it......

BTW, I have no connection to Chronoscopes or Robin, apart from owning a CB625 for many years: one of the best and most useful bits of kit in my toolbox.

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