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Default Hw100

Alright H
on my HW100 (hunting set up) i floated the barrel band by taking to 'o' ring out of the hole that the barrel goes through, this is a much cheaper and easier way of doing it.
i left the silencer on mine as it had no difference in poi when i put an air stripper, all the air stripper done was make excess noise.
the cheek peice on the hw100 is way to low and you would benefit from getting an adjustable one, barry from kibworth has one on his, it looks really tidy i think it was a UK Neil one.
balance wise i left the steel cylinder on because i prefer the weight and had no trouble with standers.
if you using a steyr for HFT and your getting on well with it, stick with it!, keep your HW100 as a hunting set up, after all it was intentionally made for hunting.
PS, i had a dave welham rail on the top of mine as the hw100 suffers from 'action flex', over a full charge it will move the group up then down in a straight line on a piece of paper.
ill catch up with you at cambridge about it in a couple of weeks

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