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Default Please kneel for pellet testing

Originally Posted by ellis d View Post
I reckon holly will knock u out of the showdown in round 2....hopefully
As ever, you kind words spur me on.

indeed, i perhaps would not have done half as well this year if i had not been able to imaging your little "chubb" y fish face in those little circles all year lol.

Good day at tondu.

Helped newshooter Gadget set his Ev2/mk4 /die 30 2009 vbatch Exacts up while setting Priest up.

Just as well i did not actually need Priest Sunday at gp, despite taking it as it turns out it was not set up!
50 came in around 27m on the wheel so had to re-set the wheel and check dialings today?

Not sure if i will alter the wheel to show clicks instead of m, or indeed if I will change the wheel on Rev back to m from clicks!

what i did decide on today was that although d50 are top ammo for the Priests barrel, sized to 4.50,
d40 also work just as well. Handy really as i have loads.
Tested d50,40 and 5 all with excellent results despite the wind.

Cant post a photo of my 50m Group as don will laugh!
Still, d40 sized to 4.50 on sunday @ showdown in the Priest is plan A.

Not sure why, but the shorter Jackaroda ( or simular) stock currently housing Priest has always suited me on standers and kneelers better?
Tried a dozen standing shots at 32m & 39 m today and only missed the 39m 4 times and then only due to my feet posiotion really and the tennis elbow.

Kneelers were something else. I did my Gimp up for the kneelers Sunday and found it to be better, i did the same on the last day of the worlds after struggling with the kneelers on day 2.

so, with coat done up it was a case of how do you miss a kneeler today, any range.

so good were thay, that i had a little chuckle to myself that if i am drawn against Holly, I will knock him out while taking all shots kneeling lol. well apart from standers!
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