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Originally Posted by DeanB View Post
I'm looking to buy a Gemini butt hook assembly to fit to an EV2 MkII. Whats is the best way to do it?

I assume that the rod spacing on the Gemini is different to that on the EV2. In that case, do you drill new holes in the Gemini back plate or put another plate into the EV2? Or tis here another option?

I don't want to have the butt a long way from the stock so putting the Gemini onto existing parts of the EV2 butt assembly isn't a good option for me.

If anyone is looking to sell one then please pm.

Advice appreciated.

Needs modifications to make fit a mk2 stock....if its a mk3 or 4 stock needs knobmans attention and a bit o extra spend.....have a look at mine this weekend dean if you want to know what it entails to put one one a mk2.
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