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Eyup all .
Been reading the moans n groans on here since getting back from norway ( which was mega by the way ) With regards to the amount of entries that the uk & all other nations for that matter are allocated .
I know rob will be trying his hardest to secure as many places for us as he possibly can .( thanks for that rob )

Was talking to conor in norway & he came up with the idea of 1 x target per lane , 3x people on each lane which would allow 450 people ( plus possible add ons ) to shoot the course at the same time .Allow 90 seconds for each shot & the time starts as you approach the lane .

The possible downsides to this would be :
amount of time to complete each days course ( may be an idea to do 25 shots am & the others pm having 1 hour break in betweeen )

(2) the zero range would need to be a fair length to accomadate all shooters .( may have to have a time limit on zeroing )

(3) car parking area would need to be a fair old size .

Cant see anymore than that wanting to enter ( apart from when the worlds are next in the uk , possibly .)
If by any chance a load of people dropped out ( as this year ) & the numbers dropped to around 300 ish , then what about pairing the targets back up & sticking 4 x people on a lane ???

Hope this makes sense !
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