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I like shotgun starts. I think that they run smoothly throughout the summer season.

They do though have a number restriction; not usually a problem however things might be different at Newbury. There are plenty of comments referring to how long it takes to shoot a GP, the easiest way to speed up is to only have two shooters per lane but this restricts numbers. Take the Champs for example, usually we'd get around 110 entrants. If it is a 40 target events then in groups of two we'd have 40 shooters per session, hence 3 sessions needed. So shoot in groups of three, 60 shooters per session thus only 2 sessions required. Will then people moan it takes too long?
At present I do not think the Champs offers a level playing field; IMO the early shooters have an advantage. Changing to shotun start would introduce the other argument: is it an advantage to shoot in the morning? So do we introduce a restricted entry (AA shooters) to the morning? This is what Tony does at the Euros to ensure fairness. So I suggest: all shooter book in via the web, they do not state a session. When I have all the data, the top 60 shooters form squad 1, based upon grade average from Simon.

The Masters - the idea was to change the format to make the Masters a unique competition and attract more people to shoot it (At the Champs we have the attraction of the IR the next day (135 shooters); the Masters is followed by the Showdown which is restricted to 64 entrants). If that is to involve 60 targets, 2 x 30, then it places a restriction of 90 people to the contest, this is more than we have now but the aim would be to increase numbers! I think that initially it would be better to keep this as squads using two courses and two per lane. By using two courses at the same time it would double the numbers shooting thus reduce queueing time.

But this is talk and we need action. This forum is great, thanks Rob, but it does not represent the view of all shooters and a reminder the BFTA has only 9 members and they are the regions. If you feel that you would like to make a proposal then please do it via your regional rep. Ask anyone who has been to a BFTA meeting and they'll tell you that getting change, even obvious and good change, isn't that straightforward.

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