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Originally Posted by fireblade View Post
I have been a bit busy at work to reply on this one rob, but better late than never

there are rules in the WFTF constitution stating how the format of the competition should be run,

Individuals positions come first, 1st to 10th

then Ladies 1st,

then Veterans 1st,

then junior 1st,

then 1st to 3rd for teams ( next to last )

and finally comes the spring classes ( based the same as above )

these are in black and white and listed like this for a reason.

any move away from this would be an infraction of the WFTF CONSTITUTION!

I personally feel that all member countries should be reminded of this, otherwise this competition
( i believe ) will deteriorate to a point where it will become unviable.

PS. for anyone who doesn't have it, here's a link

PPS. Rules have been broken!, by placing an emphasis of the team event over the main individual CHAMPIONSHIP!

"The managing NGB may at its discretion expand or add to the Championships providing that such action does not in any way reduce the Field Target content of the event nor does it create any reward deemed to be higher than the purpose of the Championship. "
Thats the old constitution Dave. The new one came into effect after Norway and I haven't had time to redirect the EFTA site which is pretty redundant.

The latest one is in the PDF in the rules section of

It changes nothing really. Some want to send springers some want go send Pcp. A sensible solution is to ask each of the 30 countries what they want and divide the remainder. It's nothing to with a team that's just a convenient amount to work with. You can't have first come first served unless you don't mind me answering the email myself and the rest of the EFTA getting a look in before anyone else knows about it. I doubt many will have a room full of machines they can point at a website to sign up for places either. I'll be happy with first come first served because I know I would always get a place.

Assuming the demand is as high as expected there won't be enough places to go around no matter who we send. We don't deserve to be able send everyone any more than anyone else does. The idea that small countries don't have a talent pool warranting entry has been dispelled by Conor and pepe amongst others. We have to get inline just like everyone else.

We had 60% of EFTA shooters who banged their drums in the run up to Norway drop out for one reason or another. We were the second worst offender in that respect and by a factor of 4-5 worse than the next country. Now how do you think that makes the EFTA look when we now say we want more and that things need to change to make us happy?

The EFTA will always look to improve the wftf but there is a limit and that is that we are just like every other country.

If anyone believes that somehow we are getting a raw deal I will remind them that most of the hosts have recently stopped home shooters from attending so we have had places. I hope that's remembered when we find ourselves in the same position in 2020ish. But if we don't get the support a good few years beforehand then we won't be hosting and then we will have very little room for telling everyone how it should be done.
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