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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Dave, there's no rules that define it being a team or an open event i'm afraid.
I have been a bit busy at work to reply on this one rob, but better late than never

there are rules in the WFTF constitution stating how the format of the competition should be run,

Individuals positions come first, 1st to 10th

then Ladies 1st,

then Veterans 1st,

then junior 1st,

then 1st to 3rd for teams ( next to last )

and finally comes the spring classes ( based the same as above )

these are in black and white and listed like this for a reason.

any move away from this would be an infraction of the WFTF CONSTITUTION!

I personally feel that all member countries should be reminded of this, otherwise this competition
( i believe ) will deteriorate to a point where it will become unviable.

PS. for anyone who doesn't have it, here's a link

PPS. Rules have been broken!, by placing an emphasis of the team event over the main individual CHAMPIONSHIP!

"The managing NGB may at its discretion expand or add to the Championships providing that such action does not in any way reduce the Field Target content of the event nor does it create any reward deemed to be higher than the purpose of the Championship. "
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