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Originally Posted by Willbe View Post
Andy, I bet too in years you will look at "Roy" and remember "his" story and smile. As you may or may not know as well as shooting I travel a lot, to some off the beaten track places sometimes too. We pick up daft little bits and pieces but they have their own stories, their own memories, an alabaster cat and little carved Scarab Beetles from Egypt, a conche shell form Cuba, a little nik nak from Cappadocia in Turkey, painted ceramics from Morocco and Tunisia. Not high monetery value items at all, but ones I look at and raise a smile remembering the stories and travels behind them. I don't think you'd get the same feeling from a Steyr or a pot of money, some things are beyond monetery value.
U get about will, i hope your not bringing things back from these countrys your not supposed to,
A bit of probing should anwser that on your way back from your next excursion
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