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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
Can i suggest you look at the excell sheet and the automated (thanks Mr.W) system in place.

Plus i would buy a new battery for your Abacus.

Can i ask why your so interested in other shooters now when your oiginal post refered to your own scores not achieving Aa status?
Seems to me a few Mfta shooters got a chip on their shoulder with regards to our B grade champion.

If i have made a mistake, just point it out with the correct information and it will be corrected, but once again please do it privatly to my e-mail.

U made a "MISTAKE" when u gave me your mobile number...thats for certain.
any way, why doesnt mr webb just elect to shoot in AA grade like u did simon..u know..when u were in A grade.
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