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The Gemini butt plate has a number of pre-drilled holes to accommodate different manufacturers configurations. Whether one of them is similar to your's I do not know. Why not measure the centre to centre distance and then ask HPS?

Now, I am a smallbore shooter with some 10mtr experience. I know a little about FT, but not much. I do know quite a bit about the Gemini butt plate and consider it an excellent piece of equipment for maintaining consistent shoulder contact. I used to have 3 of them, one each for prone, standing and kneeling. They are not easy to set up properly and do take a lot of fiddling around to get them correct.

Now unless you are intending to shoot from exactly the same position each time. with the rifle in exactly the same position in the shoulder then I would seriously consider whether or not the Gemini is the the equipment for the job. It is the Rolls Royce solution with all the adjustment you would ever want, but is it what you need for FT?

Personally I would consider the following:

Gemini Aktiv Standard Rifle butt plate
TEC- HRO Standard butt plate
MEC Contact III Butt Plate

They all come out about 200 cheaper than the all singing and dancing Gemini.



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