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I guess Gilly felt a bit short changed with his prize compared to other winners
Steve Page[/QUOTE]

Did he though?
I see a lot of people on here bleating on about how terrible it is that he didnt win a steyr but all the Champ said was that he'd named the doll (roy i think?) and that he went there to shoot and not look at rocks.

As far as i am aware it seems that everyone was a winner in terms of recompensary remuneration by way of free food and entertainment (by no means cheap in Norway) and that the one man who went out there to get his name on the trophy did exactly that!

If the people that sit here on their computers moaning about Andy Kays and the job he done got off their arses and either went to the shoot or perhaps helped by ringing around to get sponsorship etc then the sport would improve a little.

As for Stuart Hancox's "BRING it to the Uk and f**k em all," comment he should be ashamed of himself.
Its bad attitude like that that has segregated the U.K from the rest of the world for years.
But hang on a minute. Perhaps thats a great idea? Stuart and his band of halfwits could organize the "U.K Worlds@ Weston" and perhaps make it the Euros (but with only english people allowed) too and while theyre busy battling it out, there will be plenty of spaces for the rest of the world to compete at the proper Worlds?

For what its worth i sincerely wish i were there to soak up Mr Kays hospitality (but unfortunately had an unavoidable appointment in Crawley) and maybe by some miracle got MY name on the Worlds Trophy.
Would i have been happy winning a traditional Norweigen Doll and my name on the most prestigious trophy in F.T? Hell YES!


Richard Woods.
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