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There are a few problems here, first of all Norway picked up a really ****** stick by the ****** end.(can't remember who but the original host country dropped out, there as been a world wide recession, 175 possible places only 112 turn up, and finally for me the insistance on it being a team event) The world championships should be an open event in my opinion based on, stick thee name down pay thee deposit, if there are 300 places and i am 301 tough titty, the by product of this is you get people going to the worlds because they want to and can be bothered to pay up and turn up. As i understand it the guys who went really enjoyed the shoot and it was really well run, Andy Kays did the best he could with what he got. I guess Gilly felt a bit short changed with his prize compared to other winners but if the money pot based on the above was empty there was not a lot more to be done. Steve Page
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