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was my first year of shooting and GPs
Learnt ALOT! at every shoot and improved from doing them and putting into practice the tips from each person i shot with. I reccomend keeping the lanes how they are with mix grades shooting together its the only way we get to know shooters who have been doing them along time and gain there knowledge and know if we are shooting in correct positions etc.
Grade wise it would of been nice to have more C graders to shoot against ( yes i know ive shot up the grades) but been able to do a gp series down there has improved my confidence and been able to get trophies has been a great feeling. i do suggest the % changed so them who just sneak into the next grade but stay bottom all the time have a good chance of competing for a trophy and dont get disheartened.

Enjoyed the 3 GPs i did and wish i got into them earlier in the series
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