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Originally Posted by Twang View Post
and he also informed you that the budget was blown, due to the fact that after all the ranting about 150 places not being enough, then increased to 175, and only 112 made it ? ... and he's also informed you that he has a week, 10 days or 2 weeks free accomodation in the prime Norwegian tourist area for him and his lady, plus free use of my car and food on the table ? ... by my reckoning well over 1200 now ... and the beauty is, he can do that whenever he wants.

The muppet doll ... as you quaintly put it, is made by a woman who's products are in demand, solely for the fun side of what they project.

Of course it was embarrassing ! of course, we could have skimped on air and given everyone a that Andrew would have his Steyr .... and how would that have left everyone else ? thought about that ?

The idea was a cash prize in Euro's ... and if all that registered their names had turned up, that's what Andrew and the other winners would have got. And, my friend, that's exactly why all will be paying a non-refundable deposit for germany next year !
Hi Andy
I've not heard anything about this "special" prize you talk about
Puts a slightly different light on NO PRIZE!
Barry McDonald
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