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Originally Posted by Ratinator View Post
I think the idea of includeing all round's is wrong.[6 from 9 is fine]
What happens if you decide to take your family on a holiday?
And has for GP double header's
If it's full shoot's you want,then why not try and get more than three C grader's to shoot the series?
Every C grader now actually gets put into A... so those in C have found their way in there, rather than with days gone by, being put in there. That probably leaves a lot more in B and A than before when it took them time to get up there.

I think the grade brackets could be shifted, i'd elect to go to the top to satisfy my ego, but it would prove more motivation for the A/B/C's that get swamped by the new crew who seem to be able to shoot after one winter league and make the seasoned campaigners look a bit silly... lets face it, the courses haven't got that easy, but we're now seeing low 40's not make qualification on Gp 8 when if you rolled back 5 years it would be high 30's... the standard of shooting has improved immensely.

Grade brackets are always an arbitary calling, but if you're going to have them, I think they should be spread evenly as practicable.
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