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Originally Posted by ellis d View Post
Hi matt, regards to the euros, If we do have a true european champs how long would it last before it folded,due to lack of interest, The worlds and euros is less than 4 weeks apart, i cant see many people being able to afford to do both shoots, not to mention the time off, In my humble opinion it would be a total failiure, also the midland gamefair would no doubt carry on holding the shoot under a different name, same exellent prizes, same top quality field of shooters, All u will end up with is no european champs.
Jesus, this is so sensible it must be someone who's hacked into Marc's account & wrote this ?

I would have been even more shocked if i'd wrote it !!!

Make complete sense and agree with it fully.

Can we get back to talking bollocks & ripping the **** please ? Where Don's group post gone..................
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