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Originally Posted by Matt View Post

I agree partially.

The sport will never make it further without major alterations, rule enforcement, more participants, language being toned down at events and also shooter makeovers.

Agree with Simon about it being the title that is important and not the prize. Also would like to see the euro's be a true European champs.

There needs to be a lot of change.

Hi matt, regards to the euros, If we do have a true european champs how long would it last before it folded,due to lack of interest, The worlds and euros is less than 4 weeks apart, i cant see many people being able to afford to do both shoots, not to mention the time off, In my humble opinion it would be a total failiure, also the midland gamefair would no doubt carry on holding the shoot under a different name, same exellent prizes, same top quality field of shooters, All u will end up with is no european champs.
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