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Some news...

The Germans have agreed that the top 3 places of last year's worlds should be protected and outside the allocation, which means that subject to 100% confirmation, Andrew Gillott, Dan Eley and Lyndeen Calvert appear to have their places secured.

I've also had confirmed that there will be a PCP and Springer Team, (8 max each), and that the zero range will just be a walk from the courses (it had been indicated it was elsewhere).

There was an ad hoc meeting at the weekend, and subject to any disagreement we'll be publishing the selection procedure at the weekend, along with how you register your interest. You will be expected to make a quick decision and at the next stage be able to supply a deposit at short notice. Expect all country allocations to be decided by January, and the qualification to be at the earliest convenience on the national calendar next year.

As we may have a spring team allocation, I expect to have some dedicating themselves to getting a strong one together. However we will know if this is feasible ahead of qualification so people will be able to make a more informed choice.

The registration list will be made public.
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